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A.S. Fanning


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The Netherlands

Berlin-based Irish gothic-folk singer-songwriter​ A.S. ​Fanning​’s songs are often lyrically driven, taking inspiration from Irish literary tradition and folk music as well as from 60s psychedelia and rock n roll.Since his debut single ​‘Carmelita’​, released on 7-inch vinyl in 2015, he has been touring throughout Europe and further afield, showcasing at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas and playing other renowned festivals such as Hard Working Class Heroes (Dublin), Left of the Dial (Rotterdam) and Endless Daze (Cape Town).

"I don't think there's any good reason to make an album like this. Not in any logical way." This is the answer you get when asking the Irish songwriter how he arrived at making his latest album 'Mushroom Cloud'; an album that is so bleak and apocalyptical it leaves you gasping for air.

The word melancholy is far too weak to describe this. Desperation is not the right fit either. A.S. Fanning seems to be the level-headed chronicler of a perishing world. Realistic/pessimistic. His album 'Mushroom Cloud' is far more than that though. In the organic and analogue production of this album, the expansive rock band builds stunning melodic arcs around Fanning’s warm baritone voice. In connection with his inauspicious topics this leads to a bizarre enthrallment. Listening all the way through can feel like staring into a deep dark well for a little too long.






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