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Music has the unique property that it is equally a reflection of the person who makes it as of the person who listens to it. The Hague-based singer-songwriter Banner. is well aware of this. By telling his own story, he also gives shape to the feelings of others. From this position, he works towards the release of the album 'Limonin', a musical collection of stories that marks his transition into adulthood as a musician.

In 2017, the world was introduced to Banner. through the well-received EP 'Over Blue', featuring the still popular tracks 'Howl' and 'Compass'. The dreamy indie folk on this debut EP from Banner. has now amassed over a million streams. Two years later, the EP 'Years In Shade' followed, which showcased a more exuberant side of Banner., while also demonstrating his ambition to tell a beautiful, cohesive story through music. Having played various support shows for Rhys Lewis, Villagers, Newton Faulkner and Barbagallo (Tame Impala); tours throughout the Netherlands and beyond followed, and then... it went quiet. "I really took the time to develop my vision without external pressure." The result is a collection of songs that can each stand very well on their own, but ultimately, in the form of the album 'Limonin', will feel like more than the sum of its parts.

Songs that are as candid as they are freely interpretable, and that musically navigate between subdued (semi)acoustic ballads, layered tracks that continue to grow, and more rock-leaning songs. Musically, Banner.transcends the genres that once held him captive, and that musical freedom leads to depth and a healthy creative tension that holds all of his work together. "It feels like a logical continuation of my previous work, but at the same time as a new beginning, because I've been out of the spotlight for a while."






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