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The Netherlands

Thereʼs multitudes contained within the sound of Mengers. The Mexico City power trio has harnessed their musical chops through energetic music with sharp edges and occasional melodic hooks.

Their first album GOLLY (2021) demonstrated what they were capable of doing and it set them on the path to become one of the most exciting bands in the scene. i/O (2022), their second album, arrives to demonstrate that they’re reaching a whole new level and that thereʼs more to Mengers than psychedelic noisy garage-tinged songs.

Seizing their downtime due to lockdown, Mengers got to write the follow-up to GOLLY. Inspired in part by the pandemicʼs effect on their psyche, i/O represents an attempt to make sense of a world in crisis reflecting on the repetitive nature of not being able to go outside, as well as isolation, fear of losing loved ones, and feeling like letting life waste away. On i/O – taken from the “on/off” switches on most electronic devices - Mengers reflect on how life doesnʼt deal in such duality but rather how opposites tend to complement each other. Musically, i/O represents an expansion of what has come to be known as the Mengers sound. The fuzzed-out guitars and frantic drumming of the past are still mostly present, but there are experiments that result in some of their most ambitious music to date, exploring further instrumentation on post-punk and art rock giving inflections to their sound to arrive at the best music they can muster.

i/O had been critically acclaimed, listing on the best Latin albums of the year by Rolling Stone, Remezcla, as well as many Mexican newspapers, radio stations and blogs. By now, Mengers is one of the most forward-thinking bands in the game, a force of nature that will continue to give inspiring music for years to come.






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