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You can safely call Midas's entrance into the Dutch music landscape in 2017 a flying start. His debut album “Heavy Moon” caused a stir. Just like the Greek myth about King Midas, everything the singer-songwriter touched seemed to turn into gold. Within a few months he was performaing at Pinkpop, Tuckerville, Down The Rabbit Hole, in TV programs and he even supported Eddie Vedder and Bob Dylan.


He recorded his second album 'Magic Glasses' (2022) with producer Darius Timmer, on the farm where he now lives. The album received wonderful reviews. Jean-Paul Heck calls it “an absolute masterpiece” in Soundz magazine. In the meantime, he has not been idle and Midas has once again entered the studio with Darius Timmer. This time together with musician friends Jasja Offermans (bass guitar) and Guy Pek (drums).


Live, in addition to songs from the upcoming album, they will also perform material from Heavy Moon and Magic Glasses, assisted on stage by keyboardist Reid Steenhuis. Expect a hell of a band with fiery guitars and shiny choirs that would not have looked out of place in the 70s. Alternative pop with excursions into folk and rock.






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