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Min Taka

The Netherlands/Turkey

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The Netherlands

Taking her name from a myth of a vanishing planet, Min Taka shares her inner world through genre-bending sound that moves between indie, liquid dnb, synth, hyperpop. Her songs reflect on themes of identity, belonging, femininity, and connection. Min Taka’s sonic universe ranges from intimate and soft to intense electronic commotion. Inspired by the likes of Mitski, Sassy 009, Cocteau Twins, Kero Kero Bonito, and Charli XCX, the pixie- pop artist’s latest project “Partiyi Durdurun!” was released in December 2023.

Since 2020, Istanbul/Rotterdam-based Min Taka has released multiple singles, an EP performing at numerous venues & festivals such as Motel Mozaique, Le Guess Who (U?), Paard, Istanbul Jazz Festival and others. Min Taka meets the audience in various venues in the Netherlands with both Turkish and yet-to-be-released English tracks, paving the way to make a mark on the European scene with her upcoming projects!






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