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Pieter de Graaf

The Netherlands

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Pieter de Graaf embarked on his musical career with his own jazz ensemble and The Kyteman Orchestra before venturing into his solo journey in 2018. Through improvisation, he skillfully blends simple melodies with virtuosic passages, crafting ever-evolving neo-classical piano music with a distinctive electronic sound.

As a solo artist, De Graaf has previously released the album 'Fermata' (2019) and subsequently the EP 'Vortex' (2019). His endeavors garnered acclaim, and in 2020, he was honored with the prestigious Edison Classic award (neoclassical category). In 2021, De Graaf unveiled his album 'Equinox' and most recently ‘Retrograde' (2023). During the release of 'EP Home' (2022), De Graaf ventured into the Metaverse by offering 50 'Home NFTs.'

Drawing inspiration from renowned figures such as Chopin, Keith Jarrett, and Miles Davis, Pieter de Graaf crafts improvised neo-classical piano music. While comparisons to Nils Frahm and Einaudi are evident, De Graaf distinguishes himself with his incorporation of electronics and jazz influences, resulting in a truly unique sound.

The jury of the Edison Classic Awards praised Pieter de Graaf, stating: "A whirlwind, a vortex of sounds and ideas, urgently and decisively captured on record. But perhaps the most remarkable aspect is that despite his drive for innovation, De Graaf remains unmistakably himself."

In recent years, Pieter de Graaf has captivated audiences with his performances both at his homeland The Netherlands and abroad. He has graced renowned stages such as Best Kept Secret Festival, ESNS, Amsterdam Dance Event, Wildeburg, Mysteryland, Paradiso, TivoliVredenburg, De Kleine Komedie, Servant Jazz Quarters - London (UK), Silent Green - Berlin (DEU), Stadtgarten - Köln (DEU), and De Roma - Antwerp (BE).

Currently, Pieter de Graaf is diligently working on his forthcoming album, slated for release in April 2024.






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