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The Black Mamba


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The Netherlands

The Black Mamba are currently one of the most energetic and exciting Portuguese bands performing live. The band formed in May 2010, when Pedro Tatanka and Miguel Casais decided to get together to go through the universe of blues, soul and funk, adapting it to their natural habitat. The Portuguese public was consensual supporting their debut album: 1st place in iTunes sales, the first edition of the album sold out in shops, the airplay in radios and the live shows across the country (and abroad) in several venues and festivals were proof that they were on the right path. Ten years and three albums later – The Black Mamba (2012), Dirty Little Brother (2014) and The Mamba King (2018) – The Black Mamba already played the biggest venues and events in Portugal, and took their “poison” to Spain, Brazil, USA and the UK.






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