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The Secret Beach


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The Secret Beach is an ever-shifting group of musicians orbiting around the work of esteemed songwriter Micah Erenberg.

Their upcoming album, We were born here, what's your excuse? is a subtle nod to the oft-overlooked Canadian province of Manitoba, lazily known to many as either a landlocked frozen tundra or the butt of a joke on The Simpsons (hence the album's title).

Crafted under the guidance of revered producer Rob Fraboni (Rolling Stones, Beach Boys, and Tim Hardin, to name a few), the new Secret Beach album evokes whiffs of Dylan and The Band, early McCartney solo albums, Big Star's Third, and fellow Canadian DIY legend Chad VanGaalen.

We were born here, what's your excuse? is an album teeming with warmth; its 16 tracks casually unfurl spools of intimate texture, hushed melodies, and a wholly inviting atmosphere that puts the listener virtually in the same room as these timeless numbers. The songs – many of them barely cracking the two-minute mark – fly effortlessly by.

While Erenberg plays many of the instruments himself, the record wouldn't be what it is without a carefully selected crew of musicians that includes acclaimed country duo Kacy & Clayton and Manitoba’s own Boy Golden and Fontine.






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